Top Five Traits of a Good Real Estate Agent


There is a huge advantage for those who want to sell real estate. Great demand and rising prices in the most sought after markets have caused some homeowners to seriously consider selling. People who buy and sell real estate often have the help of professionals they trust because of a good business history. However, it is the first time they are in the market looking for a real estate consultant. We can’t define exactly which professional is best for you, but we can give you some characteristics to look for in the ideal real estate agent to help you with the buying or selling process.

Specializes in the area:

Knowledge is power. It will be more advantageous to have the help of a professional expert in the area where your property is located. Because? Because he / she can better evaluate your property, you know the target audience for that market, and are aware of all external conditions that affect the value of real estate in the area.

Has good references:

Choose a professional who has good references. Consult friends and family to find out if they know a good real estate consultant in the area. If you get no results, search the social networks. Check out the comments and ratings on this agent’s profiles. The best real estate consultants have a careful online presence that will allow you to get to know him a little better.

Has great availability:

The home is the largest investment made in life. You should therefore work with an agent who can accompany you throughout the process and give you feedback whenever you wish. That is why we always advise signing an exclusive mediation contract. You’ll have more support and feel more confident when you need to answer questions. Good professionals are available to clients and are concerned to maintain a close relationship to make the experience of selling the property the most tranquil and effective.

Good Professional Relations:

Whenever possible work with a well reputed agent in the real estate community. A large network of contacts means more solutions, more opportunities. A real estate consultant willing to share exclusive referrals with colleagues automatically decreases the time required to transact a property.

Has several work tools:

The best professionals in the industry take great care in presenting services. Produce a presentation dossier that details the biography, references from previous clients and a personalized marketing plan for the promotion of your property. It is at this stage that you will know all the tools the consultant has to place your property on the market. Make sure the agent is comfortable working on an exclusive basis and working on sharing platforms.

It is extremely important to understand if the consultant practices sharing, that is, promote the property in order to share the commission with a colleague who has a buyer. This expands the hypothesis of a faster transaction. Choose well, analyze all points and sign a contract with the consultant who will provide the best service. It is the guarantee of tranquility in the transaction of your property. A realtor like Cecil D Frank and others are experts in their field and they are how to guess everything in the reference of your selected dream house is crosses the budget or not. Cecil Darren Frank an experienced GTA real estate agent working in the Toronto real estate market.

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